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Are you looking for an accessible and effective way to kick your bad habits for good? Perhaps you’re sick of living with anxiety and are ready for a change? Could you use some professional guidance on how to change your life for the better? Dr David Gentle PHD’s hypnotherapy and counselling services are for you. Located in Rockhampton, Dr Gentle is a licensed and experienced psychologist who is passionate about helping you make positive changes in your life for a happier and healthier future.

Treatment Method

As an experienced and professional hypnotherapist and consulting psychologist, Dr David Paul Gentle is available to treat a wide range of illnesses, addictions and personal problems. He uses his extensive education to employ the very best hypnosis techniques to tackle the root of your problems.
Hypnotherapy treatment in progress

Why Hypnotherapy

If you’ve been struggling with your problems for a long time, it’s likely that you’ve been spending too much time trying to deal with the symptoms, rather than the cause. Hypnotherapy aims to alter your state of consciousness and utilise the power of positive suggestion to bring about positive change in your subconscious, allowing your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to change from the inside out.
Young women giving Hypnotherapy session

Is Hypnotherapy For You?

Hypnotherapy can be a very useful treatment method both on its own or in conjunction with other treatments for a wide range of conditions. Dr David Paul Gentle has experience with a wide range of clients, helping them with the treatment and management of conditions such as:
Depression,  Anxiety,  Bedwetting,  Stress,  Weight Management, Children’s Behavioural Problems,  Sleep Disorders,  Chronic Pain, Grief and Loss,  Self Confidence/Self Esteem,  Anger, Management, Improving Study Habits, Substance Addiction, Motivation, Relationship Problems Sexual Problems, Trauma, Nail Biting, Agoraphobia,  Claustrophobia,  Eating Disorders and Speech Disorders.

Book an Appointment Today

Dr David Paul Gentle PHD is available for appointments in Rockhampton now. Medicare rebates are available, the Medicare Provider No. is 2734521Y. David is also an accredited WorkCover provider. For more information, or to book an appointment, please call (07) 4926 7655 today.
Book an appointment today! Call (07) 4926 7655
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